000th manuscript has been submitted to a BioMed Central journal.

10,000th open access medical manuscript published In an excellent milestone for the open up access publishing community BioMed Central has announced that it is 10,000th manuscript has been submitted to a BioMed Central journal. He said: I highly support the thought of open access and the unrestricted spread of knowledge within the scientific community. I think that authors should support BMC journals strongly by submitting top quality manuscripts to them http://www.viagra-generics.org/ . In the entire years since BioMed Central released in 2000, we have seen our submission price grow rapidly as increasingly more researchers choose Open Access journals as the very best home because of their research.

Home births do not bring this restriction, allowing ladies to eat what they need to in order to possess energy for the birthing procedure. 7) Home births require much less medical intervention. Study after research, including a large prospective study published in The BMJ, has confirmed that home births require less medical intervention. The risk of obstetric interventions like forceps, vacuum extraction and epidurals is decreased by birthing in the home rather than the hospital greatly. 8) Home births are safer than hospital births.

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