1 million California residents happen to be Mexico annually for health care.

For the study, experts led by Steven Wallace, associate director of the Center for Health Policy Analysis at the University of California-Los Angeles, analyzed data from the 2001 California Health Interview Study, which surveyed a lot more than 55,000 households over the state. The survey, which is definitely conducted every 2 yrs, is funded by a number of groups and agencies, including the California Division of Public Health, the National Malignancy Institute and the California Endowment. The new study was the first to appearance at people planing a trip to Mexico for healthcare. The study found that a lot more than 13 percent of Mexican immigrants and 4 percent of most adults living in California sought treatment in Mexico.There is certainly skepticism about whether disease-particular funding for Helps is cost effective and skepticism about whether limited funds for AIDS should include funding for Helps prevention research. The recent statement from UNAIDS that verified HIV avoidance is definitely having a demonstrable effect on the epidemic in lots of African countries is good news. But to really have an impact on the epidemic we need additional financing and political commitments for Helps treatment and prevention applications AND more financing for HIV avoidance analysis, Warren added.

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