A molecular assay for identification of two common transmitted diseases sexually.

In all, Abbott is sponsoring 29 scientific posters reporting on new clinical diagnostics research in areas such as heart disease or cardiac care, transplant, renal cancer and disease; three scientific sector workshops; and 15 main stage presentations at the Abbott exhibit booth . Abbott is focused on improving patient care by providing innovative solutions for our laboratory customers and the sufferers and physicians they serve, said Brian Blaser, senior vice president, Diagnostics, Abbott. At this year’s AACC, we will feature our latest assays and systems that offer solutions to meet the demanding requirements of healthcare establishments by improving operational effectiveness, clinical outcomes, and doctor, patient, and laboratory satisfaction.Qualified healthcare specialists are anticipated to administer the non-invasive screenings to tens of thousands of Americans as well as distribute educational materials to countless others at a lot more than 2,000 sites in regional communities nationwide. AFA encourages individuals who are worried about memory loss, are suffering from warning signs or possess a grouped family history of dementia, or want to observe how their memory is now and for future comparisons to make use of the screenings, which are executed face-to-face and consist of a number of questions and tasks. The results do not represent a diagnosis, but people with below-normal scores or who still possess concerns are strongly encouraged to check out up for a complete medical examination.

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