A third of UK babies born this complete year could live to be 100 By Dr Ananya Mandal.

One in three infants born in the united kingdom this season will live to 100 says the report. The statement, published this week, implies that 39 percent of ladies born in 2012 are expected to live to celebrate their 100 birthday, in comparison to 32 percent of boys. The number of centenarians in the UK has been steadily rising, from 600 in 1961 to 13 just,000 in 2010 2010, the last available mid-year estimate. The amount of centenarians in the UK is forecast to improve a lot more than sevenfold between 2012 and 2035, from 14,500 to 110,000. By 2060, the true number is projected to go up to 456,000. But David Sinclair, mind of policy and study at the International Longevity Center UK, warns a long life may not be all good news..The scholarly study was published in the Oct. 7 online edition of the journal JAMA Procedure. Weight-loss surgery helps those who are morbidly obese lose excess weight. About 6 % of Americans are morbidly obese, the study authors said, which is thought as a body mass index that’s 40 or more or a BMI greater than 35 whether it’s accompanied with a significant health problem associated with obesity. People who are obese often suffer from mental health issues morbidly, and previous research have suggested that applicants for weight-loss medical procedures have a suicide risk that’s four times higher than that of the general population, according to the researchers. To see how weight-loss surgery might affect that suicide risk, researchers led by Junaid Bhatti from the Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto tracked more than 8,800 sufferers in Ontario for 3 years before and 3 years after their procedure.

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