AAPS has already established a solid partnership with AFPE for many years.

AFPE, AAPS enter new strategic alliance to progress pharmaceutical science education The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education have entered into an exciting new strategic alliance to advance support for pharmaceutical science education. ‘AAPS has already established a solid partnership with AFPE for many years,’ says John Lisack, Jr., executive director of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. ‘We’re pleased that given our very similar audience, we’ll be able to collaborate and advance pharmaceutical education by assisting future researchers.Patients Patients 18 years or older who have had undergone a cardiac transplantation between 1 and 5 years previously were qualified to receive enrollment. Data on cardiac transplantations at participating centers were obtained from the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network of the United Network of Organ Posting or program endomyocardial biopsies . Randomization was stratified according to study center and according to the interval since transplantation . Monitoring for rejection with the use of the assigned strategy was performed at prespecified intervals in both organizations according to the protocols at the average person transplantation centers .

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