AARP opposes health law repeal.

AARP appreciates that lots of have held views on the new law strongly. Sincerely, Addison Barry Rand.. AARP opposes health law repeal, writes letter to Congress AARP CEO A. Barry Rand delivered a letter to Users of Congress yesterday in advance of a scheduled vote on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Action.’ AARP Idaho Condition Director Jim Wordelman stated, ‘The law cracks down on discriminatory methods that allow insurers to charge exorbitant premiums merely based on someone’s age.’ Wordelman continued, ‘The new rules strengthens Medicare by closing the infamous ‘doughnut hole’ in the Medicare prescription drug program as time passes and eliminates out-of-pocket costs for many preventive services.’ The full text of the letter comes after: Dear Speaker Boehner/Head Pelosi: As the home prepares to vote this week on repeal of the Affordable Care Work , I am writing to make clear AARP’s position.BMS has been the target of a sustained advocacy campaign led by AHF over its prices of its key AIDS drug Reyataz for ADAPs. AHF initiatives possess included: banning BMS product sales representatives from AHF Health care Centers, a ‘Shame on BMS’ postcard and ad campaign, an e-advocacy campaign that generated hundreds of e-letters from Helps advocates from all areas of the united states to BMS CEO Andreotti and many general public protests. ‘We are pleased that BMS provides finally joined the ranks of Helps drug companies offering price concessions that will make lifesaving drugs far more affordable and available to the nation’s AIDS Drug Assistance Applications and the thousands of people who have HIV/AIDS who depend on the lifeline these programs provide around the country,’ said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

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