AARP Pennsylvania applauds U.

Senate for operating together on a bipartisan basis to avoid a drastic pay cut to physicians treating people in Medicare. By stopping the cut for a year, the Senate has provided seniors reassurance that they can continue to start to see the doctor they trust. We have now call on the U.S. Home to act and pass this legislation swiftly. Without action inside your home, doctors in Medicare will face a twenty five % pay lower on January 1, which could drive even more doctors out of Medicare. On behalf of the more than 2.2 million Pennsylvanians in Medicare and the 56,000 clinicians looking after them, the U is thanked by us.S. Senate for protecting seniors’ usage of their doctors and desire the U.S.Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, told CBS News senior correspondent John Miller in December that mental health care is a societal problem because the U.S. Has not taken on the treatment of mental illness as effectively as it could. ‘I believe mental wellness is a big concern,’ Lieberman said at the right time. ‘It’s definitely linked to the frequency of the seemingly senseless and wanton killings that occur.

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