According to researchers in Spain.

‘The prevalence of ANA and AT could be nonspecific markers of a continuing auto-immune response or may be directly mixed up in pathogenesis of the disease. However, these alternatives are not exclusive mutually. ‘Future longitudinal studies in general population evaluating the romantic relationships between these auto-antibodies and lung function during many years can help us to unravel this issue.’ Dr. Sauleda continuing, ‘If future research confirms the suspected auto-immune component of COPD, it raises the chance of future clinical trials evaluating possible brand-new therapies for this disease, for example, immunomodulators.’.. Abnormal levels of circulating auto-antibodies within blood of COPD patients Moderate to serious chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could be an auto-immunity problem, according to researchers in Spain, who studied the current presence of auto-antibodies in individuals with COPD and compared them to levels of control subjects.AVEO initiated individual enrollment in TIVO-1 in February of the year and successfully reached the prospective enrollment of 500 patients six months ahead of schedule. The ongoing company expects top-line data from this trial in mid-2011. Presented Previously Announced Stage 2 Tivozanib Data at IKCS and ESMO: AVEO offered previously announced data from the Phase 2 randomized discontinuation trial with tivozanib showing that the median progression-free survival attained by individuals with advanced obvious cell RCC who got undergone a prior nephrectomy was 14.8 months.

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