Administration of selenide protects heart cells post cardiac arrest.

The mice that received a dosage of selenide after ischemia and prior to reperfusion got a statistically significant improvement in heart function. The nutrient selenium is undoubtedly an essential element required for sustaining the fitness of bodily tissues such as heart muscles, and selenium insufficiency is connected with heart disease. For instance, in the 1970s it had been discovered that a large region of China produced food grown in selenium-deficient soil.Risk factors include obesity, aging and injury/trauma to a joint. ‘While many Baby Boomers you live longer, more active lives, weight problems is a problem in our nation for many age ranges,’ Jay said. ‘Both extreme weight, and injury to the joints can result in osteoarthritis, which outcomes in a more sedentary life style. This discovery facilitates our ongoing efforts to produce a new therapy to protect cartilage among those with a transient lack of that protection, which places the cartilage at risk.’..

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