Advantedge Healthcare Solutions announces acquisition of AMSplus AdvantEdge Health care Solutions.

Regulatory compliance, built-in. This acquisition expands our already broad existence in New England and enhances the suite of billing and practice administration services that are available to medical procedures, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the Northeast. This is a tremendous chance of AMSplus and all of our customers, said Marc Bolh, President and CEO of AMSplus. At AMSplus, we satisfaction ourselves on offering our customers the options and flexibility to make their practices prosper. By joining with AHS, we are expanding our technological sophistication and further enabling the business to meet the existing and future needs of our clients.Oftentimes, accessing brain tissue via biopsy carries significant risk or isn’t surgically feasible. This collaboration provides world-leading clinicians together, industry and researchers individuals to build up the potential of steady, high-quality disease-particular RNA harvested from exosomes found in blood and cerebrospinal liquid. The joint work will support near-term, in-vitro diagnostic validation of known tumor and immune-derived clinical biomarkers for brain cancers. ‘We are impressed with the catalytic approach of Exosome Diagnostics and our academic partners,’ said Max Wallace, ceo of Accelerate Brain Malignancy Cure. Bob S. Carter, professor and chief of neurosurgery at University of California, San Diego, and Drs. Fred Xandra and Hochberg Breakefield of Massachusetts General Hospital, show blood and cerebrospinal liquid exosome populations containing virtually the entire disease-specific human population of the transcriptome could be accessed safely multiple times, from medical diagnosis through tumor progression, with no need for a surgical procedure.

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