Aetna is assisting to reverse misuse of prescription painkillers Misuse of prescription painkillers.

Further, members who’ve had frequent emergency room visits are identified. Other indicators and suspicion of developing drug abuse complications or a past history of controlled drug abuse also are noted. The program reduced opioid prescriptions among 4. Between January 2010 and January 2012 3 million users by 14 %. Aetna nurses and psychologists in Behavioral Health's Medicine Assistance Program work with physicians to evaluate members who could be in risk for addiction. Additionally, members with a brief history of opioid abuse or who are in treatment are identified and receive behavioral health support providers through the Aetna Pharmacy Suboxone Case Review plan.After adjustment for age group, sex, BMI, smoking status, alcohol consumption, leisure time exercise and cardiovascular history, metabolic syndrome remained independently associated with lung function impairment, wrote lead writer Natalie Leone, M.D., of French National Institute for Medical and Health Study. We found a positive independent romantic relationship between lung function impairment and metabolic syndrome due primarily to abdominal weight problems. Abdominal obesity was defined as having a waistline circumference of greater than 35 inches for females and 40 in.

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