AGA researchers to present exciting data on GI disorders at DDW 2013 Clinicians.

Presentations include: Should Colonoscopy Be the Test of Choice for CRC Screening: Yes, Douglas K. Rex, MD, AGAF, FASGE, Indiana University School of Medicine; University Medical center in Indianapolis Should Colonoscopy Become the Test of Choice for CRC Screening: No, David A. Lieberman, MD, AGAF, Oregon Health Sciences University Applying Genetics in Scientific Practice: Screening and Management of Colorectal Malignancy, John M. Carethers, MD, AGAF, University of Michigan Gut Microbiome: Implications for Clinical Practice, Gail A.PBT is neither a fresh nor an experimental technology for dealing with cancers with radiation. It utilizes proton radiation contaminants to deliver highly conformal radiation therapy to a particular tumor target area while giving a much lower dose to the normal tissues in the proton beam's route of exit and entry. PBT's reduced radiation dose to healthy tissues is attractive because it can reduce unwanted effects for patients, which potentially increases their quality of life. To date, scientific evidence is present confirming that PBT is particularly useful in numerous pediatric cancers, particularly those in the brain, as well for certain adult cancers such as ocular melanoma.

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