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We highly urge Abbott to instantly lower the price of Kaletra in Mexico to equivalent the price offered to Brazil to be able to ensure that people in want in Mexico aren’t costed out of such potential lifesaving Helps treatments. Following is the full text of AHF’s ‘Shame on Abbott’ advertisement: Shame on Abbott In Mexico, Abbott fees 5 times more for its AIDS medicine Kaletra than it costs in additional middle-income countries. Abbott’s Price Gouging in Mexico Places Profits Ahead of Saving Lives Abbott’s Helps medicine Kaletra is an important 2nd-range treatment for people with Helps, but Abbott can be abusing NAFTA’s patent protections to drive Mexico to pay 5 times a lot more than it fees Brazil. Kaletra costs $1,000 each year in Brazil, a nation with a similar economy to Mexico, but Abbott costs Mexico over $5,400.Dark cocoa and chocolate powder provides the highest levels of flavanol. But these health benefits are reduced significantly when genuine chocolate is prepared and various other ingredients – such as for example sugar, milk and butter – are added. Candy pubs and boxed chocolates may be delicious but their added calorie consumption and fat make them not-so-healthy treats, Ms. Sandon says. So it’s best to miss the chocolate candy and replace it with a glass hot cocoa. Research shows that drinking a cup of dark sizzling hot chocolate can be equated with consuming a glass of wines in protecting the heart, says Ms. Sandon, who urged people to eat and drink in moderation. Chocolate alone may provide some health advantages. It’s what’s added to it that’s not so good for us. .

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