AJC: Hospital execs pay out raises eyebrows In various other news.

AJC: Hospital execs pay out raises eyebrows In various other news, The Boston World reports that Quincy Hospital has declared bankruptcy just days after its trustees approved a deal for the facility to be acquired by Steward Health Care System. Atlanta Journal Constitution: Hospital CEO Pay Has Some Ill At Ease Hospitals across the region are slicing staff, elected officials are thinking about slashing Medicaid and Medicare financing and medical expenses are driving an increasing quantity of Georgians into bankruptcy DK .

Difficile is currently appearing in other groups as well. Meanwhile, food – and water-borne infections continue to pose a significant threat to human wellness. In developing countries, drinking water sanitation techniques are cost-effective in controlling these pathogens. ‘In the usa, food safety could be dramatically improved by food irradiation,’ Drs. Bronze and Greenfield write. Hepatitis B and C virus and malaria continue to threaten huge segments of the world population also. Even as fresh pathogens are emerging, so are technologies that may lead to effective new prevention and treatment strategies. Molecular biology techniques are being utilized to review how infectious pathogens connect to human hosts, while advanced genetic methods are being used to enhance treatment and diagnosis.

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