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Blush Clinic Started for the very first time in Mumbai by the noted celebrity cosmetic physician, Dr. Jamuna Pai, Blush Clinic provides its branches spread around India. Over the full years, the clinic gets the credit of several new techniques that cover fraxel, thermage, Botox and pores and skin lightening peels. Kosmoderma It uses US-FDA technology that provides effective, affordable and secure treatments to maintain with the top quality standards. The Bengaluru base skin care clinic provides personalised skincare by using facial analyzer and 3D imaging. Some of their essential offerings include Oxygen Infusion Medifacial, Revitalizing Eyes Brightening and Treatment Treatment. Reva Aesthetics A quickly rising name in the field of skincare can be Reva Aesthetics.This registry holds data on consecutive patients from all 29 Swedish and 1 Icelandic coronary intervention centers, is funded solely by national health authorities, and provides continuous and immediate opinions on procedures and quality-of-care measures. All baseline and procedural data are entered on the web, into the registry directly. For this study, an additional participating middle in Denmark entered all relevant data into SCAAR. The info were adjudicated and monitored as part of the regular registry validation; we did not perform separate, dedicated adjudication and monitoring of the data for the TASTE trial.

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