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Specifically, erosions were located through the entire whole foot in 25 percent of these individuals, in the forefoot just among 54 percent, the hindfoot only in 1 percent, in the forefoot and the midfoot in 4 percent, in the forefoot and hindfoot in 15 percent, and in the midfoot and hindfoot in 1 percent. Elewaut and group report that the 3D scanner’s results were independent old, body weight, disease length, and gender.Thomas Zeller, Director of the Division of Vascular Medication of the Herz-Zentrum in Poor Krozingen, Germany, provided the 6-month follow-up data in a Past due Breaking Clinical Trials program at the EuroPCR meeting in Paris, France. The SAMBA data showed a 97 percent Freedom from Focus on Lesion Revascularization rate. There have been no device related complications in virtually any of the 38 sufferers treated in the trial.

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