Botulinum Toxin Type A ) Reduces frequency of migraines to chronic migraine patients more.

Botulinum Toxin Type A ) Reduces frequency of migraines to chronic migraine patients, according to new studyA new study has found that Botox reduces the number of days each month that patients with a chronic form of migraine experience migraine attacks. Migraine days by nearly a third among patients treated with Botox injections, compared to 6 % increase in patients who received placebo injections. The results are on the 23rd June was the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Headache Society by Frederick G more . Friday, deputy director of the Diamond Headache Clinic and lead investigator of the study are presented. This new data suggesting to previous findings Botox can Botox can effectively adds in reducing the frequency of headache episodes of migraine patients who suffer from frequent headaches, said Dr. Friday. For this study, patients with a high number of acute pain medication, as this increases the complexity of studying a preventive treatment, Food and Drug Administration excluded the headache. We observed a significant improvement in the Botox – treated patients seen seen within one treatment cycle. .

Has been closed for this placebo – controlled, randomized and double-blind study 36 patients who aborted or had their use of acute pain medications restricted during a 4 – week baseline phase were randomized to treatment with either Botox or placebo injections. The primary endpoint was the change in the number of migraine days per month.

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