But the drug is also used to treat chronic pain in cancer patients.

But the drug is also used to treat chronic pain – in cancer patients, for example.It works well because it remains in the body for a long time, takes between 15 and 55 hours to be broken, compared to a matter of minutes for heroin to half its original levels.

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Phenergan the label which by the FDA allowed, a push an IV injection site as an option on management, it warns against risks associated having to the practices be coupled, such as gangrenous. Levine decided to brought against Wyeth in judicial authority Vermont on alleged problems with the Phenergan labels, and by a jury in their favor. The Vermont Supreme Court affirmed the decision. J. In an appeal to the Supreme Court, Wyeth argued that received FDA approval of drugs labels include complaints submitted before national courts regarding alleged problems with labels .. This case relates Diana Levine, who lost her hand and underarm gangrene after an injection of the nausea medication Phenergan is received into an artery in during a push IV injecting that is stronger and will less time to than traditional injecting act.

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