Catcher Injuries Arent Usually the Result of Collisions: FRIDAY.

Nineteen injuries involved recovery periods of more than 100 days, but none of these involved a run-in between a catcher and a base runner. The most common reason behind non-collision injuries among the catchers was a blow to the top by a bat or foul ball. Overall, 28 % of catcher accidents involved the leg, 23 % involved the knee and 23 % affected the shoulder. During the study period, catchers sustained 11 concussions. Just two were the result of a collision, the study found.Usually do not say things such as, This exercise hurts an excessive amount of and I will do it tomorrow. If it certainly hurts, a workout could be tried by you with a less aching part of your body. Here are a few suggestions: – If you have an painful knee and joint extremely, working these parts may make you cringe with discomfort. In such a situation, you can try some seated arm and wrist exercises if these parts are less unpleasant. You may also try some bicep curls.

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