Concentrating on constitutional law.

There is absolutely no principled basis for limiting such power to health insurance purchases because every purchasing decision may possess a rippling influence on interstate commerce. Upholding the average person mandate would successfully confer upon Congress ‘a plenary law enforcement power,’ Lopez, 514 U.S. At 566, over all individual economic decisions and place Us citizens’ economic liberty at risk, the short asserts. In this filing, the ACLJ represents 63 People of the U.S.‘Smart’ Care: Ultimately, the Smart OR reduces trauma, leading to a faster recovery time and shorter hospital stay. It also decreases the risk of various complications, significantly reducing the need for follow-up surgery. Patients entrust us with their lives, and we owe it to them to purchase the world’s best technology and treatment plans. The Smart OR is an innovative tool that helps our neurosurgeons perform operations with greater precision and accuracy, says Steve Ronstrom, CEO of Sacred Heart Medical center. Sacred Heart Medical center employs a calculated, yet aggressive, method of identifying tactics and strategies to blend the latest technology with its strong tradition to uphold quality care and attention.

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