Contraception legislative battles escalate in states All across the country.

Senator George Allen, a Virginia Republican who’s running to return to the chamber, backs the personhood measure and would like to make it federal government law. The race between Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine is among the most watched in the united states, pitting two former Virginia governors in a contest for an open seat with majority control of the U.S. Senate at stake. Democrats discover proposals to curb reproductive rights in an effort to drive feminine independent voters back again to the party in the November election . Reuters: Utah Governor Signs Law Mandating 72-Hour Wait For Abortion Utah’s Republican governor signed a laws extending a required waiting around period for women searching for an abortion to 72 hours on Tuesday, even though a similar requirement in South Dakota has been blocked in court, a spokeswoman said.While some ladies are loath to take any medications during pregnancy – – remembering stories of how the drug thalidomide, hailed as a miracle cure for morning sickness in the 1960s, maimed thousands of babies – – holding out isn’t necessary if symptoms are profound, obstetricians said. I think it’s an issue of trying to make sure people aren’t muddling through [morning hours sickness] to the stage where they put themselves in danger. And to err on the relative side of considering medications, knowing there’s a secure alternative, Hoffman said.. AMRI extends and expands analysis collaboration with CHDI Foundation AMRI announced today the five yr extension and growth of its ongoing study collaboration with CHDI Basis, Inc.

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