Could Oral Contraceptives Help Simplicity Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The researchers found that 18 % had hardly ever used the contraceptive pill, 63 % had used it in the past, and 19 % were taking it during the study. None of the women had taken hormone substitute therapy, the study noted. The progression of the disease was not affected by birth control use, the scholarly study found. But ladies who had utilized or were using the tablet had better scores on standard procedures of arthritis rheumatoid than women who had by no means used the pill, the researchers said. Albrecht’s group also discovered that women who also had used or were utilizing oral contraceptives – – especially people that have impaired function – – relied less on steroid treatment than ladies who hadn’t used the tablet. The experts speculated that the beneficial aftereffect of oral contraceptives could be due to increasing the levels of estrogen, which might have a positive effect on mood.Our objective is to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to treat sufferers, ease suffering and improve the standard of living. We are strengthening our medicine-structured portfolio, which is focused on strategic growth systems in innovation-driven pharmaceuticals, high-quality and low-cost generics, individual vaccines and leading self-medication OTC brands. Novartis is the only organization with leadership positions in these areas. In 2006, the Group’s businesses attained net sales of USD 37.0 billion and net gain of USD 7.2 billion. USD 5 Approximately.4 billion was invested in R&D.

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