In an article published in the journal Cell.

Melanoma. In an article published in the journal Cell, Marc Therrien explains team ‘s recent discovery of a protein complex that controls the RAS / MAPK signaling pathway, responsible for some the deadliest cancers, including pancreatic, colon and lung cancer and melanoma. This regulatory mechanism could be a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of these diseases. The study on the Drosophila model organism is the the people to be checked in the next step.

Non-stop RAS / MAPK pathway, the message is given by RAS and the last protein in the road, transmits the message to the cell control center, the nucleus. However, the RAS / MAPK pathway is sometimes sends erroneous messages that cause the cell to proliferate non-stop. ‘Our study shows that a protein complex production of the MAPK protein directly directly on the cell When this complex is deficient, will inhibited the signaling pathway, which restricts the chaotic proliferation of the cell at the origin of many cancers,’explains Marc Therrien.In an effort Key Factor in preterm infants Disastrous Eye Disease.

‘this the first definitive study showing that genetic factors have an important component of ROPs, the extent of the extent of genetic contribution,’said lead author Vineet Lak, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine.

The study participants Been by Yale, the Karolinska Institute Sweden and the University of Connecticut. Find this 200 sets of twins had a median gestational and birth weights of 29 weeks and 1,332 gram (2. Our analyzes of showed that gestational and duration of extra oxygen was the significant independent factor to ROP, said Lak. single identified significantly non-genetic co-factors for ROP, we have computed the genetic susceptibility and established that 70 % of its contribution to ROP by genetic factors of genetic factors only. – The extent to which genetic factors contribute to this principal cause infant morbidity emphasizes the need for a shift at the paradigm of be used order to identify and treat this disease process, Bhandari added. It is possible Matthew J a dual therapeutic for ROPs of potential risk factors environmental and the identification of and to certain genetic factors the model can is to be for future interventions.

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