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If a patient has developed primary severe angle-closure in one eye, the ophthalmologist may suggest laser iridotomy in the various other eye to avoid an attack. The prognosis for severe angle-closure glaucoma is favorable with early recognition and treatment. Vision loss may appear without prompt treatment. If pain and/or decreased vision occur, the individual should promptly look for professional treatment from an ophthalmologist.. Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma Prevention and Prognosis Regular eye examinations with an ophthalmologist might identify those who are at risk for severe angle-closure glaucoma.Also, the amount of participants who would need to be screened to prevent one lung-cancer loss of life reduced from 302 for the entire CT group to 208 among the 60 percent of individuals at highest risk . Second, the 60 percent of participants at highest risk accounted for 64 percent of total false excellent results in the CT group . As a result, the amount of participants with false excellent results per CT-avoided lung-cancer loss of life decreased from 108 overall to 78 in the three highest-risk quintiles . Discussion Our study provides empirical evidence for the potential utility of targeting smokers at highest risk for lung cancers for low-dose CT screening. The amount of CT-prevented lung-malignancy deaths strongly increased with an increase in the prescreening risk of death from lung cancer.

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