Malaria and AIDS.

The researchers estimate that thousands of HIV attacks can be blamed on this co-infection. In addition they say genital herpes and tuberculosis are suspected of increasing the probability of infection also. The study is released in the journal Science.. Malaria and AIDS go hand in hand Researchers believe they might well be a link between two of the biggest killers in Africa, malaria and AIDS. The experts from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer tumor Research Center and the University of Washington, suggest the two diseases interact in such a way that they spread quicker. Related StoriesMedical experts start crowd funding task to investigate aftereffect of malaria medication on colorectal cancerTGen experts join international scientists in finding how malaria proteins could some day help stop cancerGHIT Fund invests $10.7 million to battle malaria, TB, leishmaniasis and dengueThey have found that when people suffering from AIDS contract malaria the HIV virus becomes 10 times more frequent in their blood producing them far more likely to infect a sexual partner.People from all over the world are losing hair at an instant pace. There are many reasons behind this, some are personal inflicted, while some are external. So far as external reasons are worried, the change of climate and an excessive amount of solar heat is reported to be among the major factors. Besides, in some parts of the world, the drinking water contains toxic chemicals which lead to hair thinning. As far as personal inflicted reasons are concerned, we impose it on ourselves through the use of hair gels, sprays and creams; most of these contain chemical substances that are not at all healthful for your hair. Whatever associated with, the known fact remains that hair thinning has become a concern of concern. There is a real way to overcome this issue that’s hair transplantation.

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