Many Obama supporters plan to riot in the streets.

Actually if you are angry at the election final result, taking part in any sort of violent protest or riot is only asking for trouble. Even if you don’t bring weapons to the riot, someone from the other part very well might. You could see yourself arrested easily, beaten, pepper sprayed or even shot. STAY HOME and discover various other outlets for expressing your frustration . #6) Think long and hard about the possible ramifications of having an Obama indication in your yard or on your property.Teens, especially, may seem uninterested in your sights on sex and birth control, or your values generally even, but they take in more than you imagine usually. At times, kids may not feel safe approaching parents with queries about sexuality. That’s OK. But it’s important that they possess a trusted adult — like a trained teacher, school counselor, school nurse, or doctor — to talk to about contraceptive and other issues related to sex.

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