Mice diet leads to obesity Via Good microbesU.

Mice diet leads to obesity Via Good microbesU.S. Researchers transplanted human intestinal microbes into germ-free mice and then changed her diet a low-fat a low-fat plant-based to a Westernized diet rich in fat and sugar noted that thrive in one day obesity-linked microbes in the and the mice were finally obese.

With other DNA sequencing, Gordon and his colleagues found that the intestines of the mice on the high-fat, high-sugar diet had more microbial genes devoted to the mining and processing of simple sugars and other components of a Western diet and that these genes were activated after she moved in the unhealthy diet.In this case, affects changing a protein, that is anchored in the membrane of kidney cells has is responsible for absorption of magnesium in the the bloodstream. Since this process no longer works in the defective protein of the magnesium the blood circulation the bloodstream, but rather eliminated through the intestine and the urine and therefore forfeited. Commented on his own commented on his research like this:. Our results us with a number of new discoveries to of magnesium metabolism in the body at the end of, on the further research and development, we have the opportunity for medical treatment medical treatment with such deficiencies. Sources: Universit tsmedizin Berlin, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. Have now demonstrated is not always a Nutritional Problem with this.

A magnesium deficiency, clinical signs of the fatigue and muscle weakness up to severe seizure disorders and cardiac arrhythmias may diabetes and high blood diabetes and high blood pressure in combination and have described till now primarily through dietary defect.

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