Pap smear showing C.

Pap smear showing C. Trachomatis In developing countries, Chlamydia trachomatis is the primary cause of non-congenital blindness in the western world, the not is not the most common cause of sexually transmitted diseases and congenital infertility.

Once to activate , within the organism, the bacteria, the host cell, of of the growth factor so that more disguise Chlamydia and infect other cells, creating a positive feedback loop , which improves the propagation and infection of the bacteria.

The understanding of the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions of this bacterial infection in the in the creation of new methods of treatment, diagnosis and prevention plans.Source: Mardil.. Having 4 preliminary findings the pilot study by BACE device An Annual TTR Meeting.

Go to degreeThe pilot study of 20 patients has designed to make safety and effectiveness of the BACE device, a less invasive procedure cardiac supporting outside the heart and supports the weakened ventricular muscle during therapy of heart valve dysfunction. Judge the only instrument for ischemic mitral incompetence underwent implantation of to BACE , along with coronary artery bypass graft the beating heart, surgery seven of them are no heart -lung machine.

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