Popularly known as the stimulus costs.

Recently, however, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions issued a proposed regulation that could have denied some of the nation’s finest health care providers from getting significant EMR incentive payments. Senator Stabenow, along with 18 of her Senate colleagues, delivered a letter to Health and Human Providers Secretary Kathleen Sebelius expressing their deep concern and disappointment over CMS’s proposed regulation. Senator Stabenow wrote that the proposed guideline was narrowly drawn and unlike clear congressional intent.The key to high performance in multidisciplinary teams can be an knowledge of the distinctive roles, skills, and values of most team members. Just simply because the ACP celebrates the unique attributes and features of advanced practice nurses, it recognizes the unique role a personal physician takes on in patient care. Advanced practice nursing ought not to replacement for nor replace primary care medical practice as supplied by general internists, family physicians, and additional physicians. Physicians and NPs not merely share a commitment to providing high-quality treatment, but also face equivalent challenges relating to reimbursement and workforce outlook. Recognizing and building on the common ground between the two professions is key to improving collaboration to meet the complex health care needs of the populace.

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