Gonzalez, chairman and chief executive officer, AbbVie. Its flagship product, Imbruvica®, is not only complementary to AbbVie's pipeline oncology, it has demonstrated strong clinical efficacy across a broad range of hematologic malignancies and raised the typical of care for patients. Team Pharmacyclics is certainly honored and enthusiastic to become listed on the AbbVie organization. We share a common purpose. Together and as one, our focus remains to make a remarkable difference for patient betterment around the global world, saidBob Duggan, chairman and chief executive officer, Pharmacyclics. Transaction Conditions AbbVie will acquire all of the exceptional shares of common stock of Pharmacyclics through a tender offer, accompanied by a second-stage merger. In the tender give, AbbVie will offer to acquire all of the excellent shares of Pharmacyclics' common stock for$261.25per share, comprising cash and AbbVie common stock.‘The photoswitch approach presents real hope to sufferers with retinal degeneration,’ Van Gelder said. ‘We still have to show these compounds are secure and will work in people just how they work in mice, but these results demonstrate that class of substance restores light sensitivity to retinas blind from genetic disease.’ From optogenetics to implanted chips The current technologies becoming evaluated for restoring sight to people whose rods and cones have died include injection of stem cells to regenerate the rods and cones; ‘optogenetics,’ that’s, gene therapy to place a photoreceptor gene into blind neurons to make them sensitive to light; and installation of electronic prosthetic devices, such as a small light-sensitive retinal chip with electrodes that stimulate blind neurons.

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