Published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

The method, published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, is being used by the DGT in Spain already, as part of a European study on the frequency of medication and alcohol consumption amongst drivers. ‘The saliva samples are collected by putting some cotton on the end of a special device placed directly under the tongue as if it were a lollipop, with an indicator that turns blue when there exists a sufficient sample , by way of which the molecules sought out are separated, and tandem mass spectrometry , which allows the ‘unmistakable’ identification of the different chemical compounds.They seek to preserve constitutionalism and liberty. And they are refusing to lie down and subject themselves to upcoming random acts of senseless school-centered gun violence. ‘Nowadays I don’t think people feel secure. ‘According to the Dallas Morning News, more than 700 teachers and school officials, along with a lot more Texans, took part recently in an enormous concealed carry course held in Kennedale aimed not at ‘making policy,’ by itself, but instead at educating – and maybe even influencing the ‘debate’ a little. ‘This provides related to my work and how crazy it’s getting in the globe,’ Michael Nunley, Arlington Independent College District protection supervisor, informed the paper.

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