Rafael Rosell.

All statistical calculations were performed by using SPSS software and S-Plus . Two-sided P values of less than 0.05 were considered to indicate statistical significance. The median time required for such analysis was 7 days from the time the sample attained the laboratory until the results were reported to the investigators. Mutations in the EGFR gene were detected in 350 of 2105 patients . Mutations were discovered more frequently in ladies , in individuals who had never smoked , and in people that have adenocarcinomas . Although no special demand an enriched human population was made, the participating centers included even more samples from patients and women who had hardly ever smoked, since physicians were conscious that EGFR mutations are more regular in these subgroups.For immunohistochemical study of the expression of MRTF-B and MRTF-A, we morphologically selected normal renal arteries by staining with hematoxylin-eosin . Immunostaining for MRTF-A and MRTF-B demonstrated positive reactions in the medial layer. Interestingly, the arterial endothelium expressing CD34 had been also positive for MRTF-A and MRTF-B. The expression of MRTF-A and MRTF-B was mainly seen in the nucleus.Figure 1: Subcellular localization of MRTF-A/B in individual arterial endothelial cells. Immunohistochemical findings of MRTF-A and MRTF-B in the endothelium of regular human being renal interlobular artery.

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