Rapisure was by UniQuest tadalafil.

Rapisure was by UniQuest, UQ founded marketing main.UniQuest Managing Director, said David Henderson, scientific research, the development of diagnostic tests is successful , it of its kind in of its kind in the world. Just a pinprick of the patient’s blood – RapiSure is to allow the design of its rapid diagnostic test for use by doctors in surgeries and clinics administered immediate treatment, Henderson said tadalafil . The investment by Symbiosis Group should develop a prototype RapiSure to early 2007, with the prototype production and clinical validation remains 2007 in the year. The company’s test potentially be on the market in less than three years -.

###For further information please go to: The University of Queensland, Brisbane,Gardasil approves bills that would require girls to get HPV vaccine before entering sixth gradeThe Michigan Senate on Wednesday voted 36-1 to two bills , the girls in the the state, in sixth approval would require class in the 2007-2008 school year and beyond to receive Merck human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil have the AP / Detroit Free Press reports (AP / Detroit Free Press, FDA in July approved Gardasil for sale and marketing to girls and women in ages of nine to 26 According to Merck, the vaccine – three injections three injections over six months will be given will be given – in clinical trials has been shown to be 100 percent effective prevention of infection with prevention of infection with HPV strains 16 and which, together, cause about 70 percent of cervical cancer , is responsible for women who do not already have the virus and about 99 percent effective in preventing HPV strains 6 and 11 cause, together with strains 16 and 18, about 90 percent of genital warts. Gardasil also protects against vaginal and vulvar cancer, two other gynecological cancers, associated with associated with HPV According to a study presented in June at a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Atlanta. CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended in July that all girls ages 11 and 12 and that the vaccine Gardasil be covered by the Vaccines for Children program, which provides no-cost vaccinations to children affected by Medicaid, Alaska Native Indian children Native American children are recognized and receive some uninsured and underinsured children. Health insurer Aetna, Cigna and WellPoint have said that they provide coverage for Gardasil.

The discovery was the result out of three years of research an international team by scientists from Australia, Italy and Hong Kong, by UQ and supported by a series by organizations such as of Aussie Cancer Research Foundation, of the National Health and the Medical Research Council of Australia introduced to Heart Federation of Australia and of the Australian Research Council is.

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