Rural Australia is already a shortage of 17.

Is doing as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ‘s advice concerning the final report the Commission’s report, we are asking for from the cities and major metropolitan hospitals and instead get into the bush to the health experts working on the ground there to speak. He needs many rural visiting hospitals, rural general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services in order to see for themselves the problems with access to health services in the bush and what must be done simple. The situation before it is too late simple..

on end of the day, the real problem for rural Australia is not whether our nation has a health system, or whether the states or Commonwealth control, but if it’s a health care system in general in the bush. The ongoing, chronic shortage of health workers in our country communities means that rural Australians are simply not in a position to the health care they need and deserve access. – It is all well and good that the Commission’s equity talk payments to ensure health reach $ those who need it the most, but enough enough health professionals in rural and remote Australia, hardly possible to hardly possible payments into the dictionary for the supply of additional local services.

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