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We want to make certain they're getting the help they need in every stage of the disease,’ says Mimi Lowi-Small, CEO, Alzheimer Culture of Canada. ‘As devastating as the news headlines could be, early diagnosis brings relief to families, gives them control over their situation and offers more years of living fulfilling and active lives. ‘ Throughout January, Canadians should go to the Alzheimer Society's campaign website, to learn how to spot the signs of dementia, understand the advantages of a diagnosis and plan a doctor's visit.The revelation from Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services occurs as the administration functions at its Nov. 30 deadline to shore up the web site . ‘It is not anything that is necessary to ensure that consumers to produce a payment because that’s a thing that they do outside of the marketplace, directly to issuers,’ she said . Politico: CMS Views Progress With Direct Plan Enrollment Obama administration tech officials announced Tuesday that customers can now enroll straight with insurers and steer clear of HealthCare.gov altogether, and their Obamacare subsidies will go with them. But insurance industry resources remained skeptical, citing a cumbersome restoration effort over the past several weeks that has yet to demonstrate itself.gov site is riddled with security flaws that put user data of thousands of people in risk and it should be shut down until fixed, on Tuesday several technology experts warned lawmakers.

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