Saving an incredible number of women and kids from death and debilitation through simple.

But millions of children can still be helped if current strategies and partnerships are prolonged to reach every nation and every child. Appropriately, micronutrient malnutrition is recognized as probably the most serious obstacles to human development and survival by the West African Health Organization and is at the forefront of WAHO’s agenda, their dedication and support being important to those countries which are grappling with competing priorities and scarce resources to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Based on the record by UNICEF, the WHO, the New Economic Partnership for African Development , the Development Bank of Southern Africa , the Micronutrient Initiative , and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition , over two-thirds of the populations in sub-Saharan Africa get access to iodized salt and millions of children have already been reached with vitamin A health supplements.In all, 11 percent of children had a family history of recovered stuttering, 42 percent a family history of persistent stuttering, and 8 percent a brief history of both persistent and recovered stuttering, while 39 percent had no family history of stuttering. Referral was considerably associated with both a brief history of recovered stuttering and concomitant diagnosis. Bonferroni analysis indicated that there was a solid positive correlation between a reported family history of recovered stuttering and a concomitant analysis.

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