The 13 year-old cat.

There are no indications that the cat passed the virus to other people or animals, said in a statement AVMA – .. The American Veterinary Medical Association reported Wednesday that health officials confirmed in state of Iowa this morning that a cat had tested swine flu positive. – The 13 – year-old cat, the virus consists of two members of the family he lives with for government for government officials ‘flu-like illness ‘before the cat ill, the Washington Post reported caught. The cat and the family members have since recovered.

Tree, modeling the behavior of social insects such as bees and ants has led researchers to help in many different areas of study of algorithms on the conduct them develop to solve problems in communication networks and robotics. Models of ant colony behavior that were particularly successful artificial intelligence in these areas, while honey bee – based algorithms have been applied engineering optimization problems.. – More information of AVMASource: American Veterinary Medical Association, the Washington Post.Written by: Catharine Paddock,Inspiration from nature for the solution of technical and mathematical problemsIn mathematics, you need more than four different colors to create a map in which adjacent adjacent regions to produce the same color.ARVO being a registered society by more than 11,700 eye and vision research from over 70 countries. Established in 1928, the association promotes and supports its members and others in the research, training, publication and disseminating knowledge in the vision and of ophthalmology. ARVO has its headquarters in Rockville,, For more information about ARVO.

There is currently no well known ways of glaucoma glaucoma. However, studies show that the early identification and treatment the disease before they leads large loss of vision is the best way 40, the disease. The National Eye Institute suggests that with a high risk at high risk for disease examined their eyes and pupils dilated biennial by an ophthalmologist.

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