The AED should not be used if a pulse fda website.

The AED should not be used if a pulse fda website . A pulse. It should not be used when there is a risk to other people receiving the electric shock – as would be the case, where seeps with a boat in water and has a flight and patient are in contact with this water. When the shock to the patient, no one should be applied to him touch / her.

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Many of lesions occur in the frontal lobe the brain, Last the cognitive function and problem-solving area, and to the occipital lobe , which controls the visual process the center, King said. Neuroradiologists may find the lesions by magnetic resonance imaging . – Since this lesion are typically in the frontal lobe, it is important done cognitive tests for the children impaired impairment, King said. We hope with in preventing further lesion through blood transfusions that we will to preserve their ability to think and learn. .

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