The great human civilizations began to flourish after the last ice age.

history has shown how dependent our culture is on a narrow window of climatic conditions for the average temperature and precipitation, he said. the great human civilizations began to flourish after the last ice age, and some disappeared due to droughts and other adverse changes in the climate. So-called so-called Little Ice Age in the northern hemisphere a few hundred years ago. Caused by a decline in the average temperature of less than one degree Celsius The consequences are very serious in parts of Europe, associated with loss of harvest and population decline were further proof said: . Unrest and military conflicts became more likely than suggested recent empirical study .

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In his analysis noted Scheffran was that the number of regions of the world expected prone to drought rise .water in glaciers and snow cover in the large mountain ranges such as the Andes and Himalayas are stored also expected to decline, he said.’the most vital for human survival are water and food, which are sensitive to changing are are, ‘said Scheffran.The degradation of these critical resources, Said, to the population through natural disasters, disease and crumbling economic and ecosystems, he said would have cause combines ‘domino effect’.The council, PSNC and RPSGB have a joint response to that division for children, Schools and Families consultation to fuse Vulnerable Groups laws and the proposed scheme will be to be administered from the Independent backup Authority . A common reply is prepared due to widespread impact of which legislation on the chemists The profession and company. The intention of the law come into force come into force is a request that persons must carry certain ‘regulated’or ‘controlled’operations having vulnerable adults and children, to the ISA request for the registry to manage be able to to do such activities.

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