The most common approach use use a simple.

The most common approach use use a simple, small, circular incision around the edge of the nipple. The surgeon makes all or most of the overlying breast skin them.conservation of the natural casing and the skin with an implant or with a patient’s own fat tissue from another part of the body can be filled. This skin – sparing technique is appropriate for women whose breast cancer does not invade the skin of the chest. In the study recently presented at the American College of Surgeons meeting and published in the October 2008 issue of The American Surgeon, the researchers surveyed California board-certified general surgeons who perform breast cancer surgery.

About the Breast Preservation FoundationThe mission of the nonprofit Breast Preservation Foundation is the mastectomy sensitization of the skin, an increase effective cancer. By a national campaign of public awareness and medical research and education Our aim is to provide clinically accurate information about skin educate educate patients about the benefits and check to empower women and discuss the technique with her breast care team. The BPF advocates that women their breast surgeon to recognize the importance a normal breast appearance of a woman ‘s quality of life. Medical studies show that there is an effective surgical treatment of breast cancer with preservation or even improvement in the appearance of the breast.Four-cell following Krebs and postmenopausal further.

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