This research has the potential to become a standard laboratory tool read more here.

‘This research has the potential to become a standard laboratory tool, must in addition to the Petri dish, in with with cells,’said George M read more here . Whitesides, the Woodford L. And Ann A. Tissue.s University Professor at Harvard University and a founding member of a faculty member of the Wyss Institute. ‘Filter paper and other kinds of paper are readily available, and the technique is both very flexible in what they can do, and very convenient to use. ‘ – The study, ‘Paper – Supported Three-Dimensional Cell Culture for Tissue – based bioassays ‘appears in the 19th October 2009 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Now researchers grow cells in a petri dish, the creation of a thin, two-dimensional layer of cells. If they do a better job of imitating real tissue, culture of culture of cells in a gel. Because the cells obtained at different locations to very different amounts of oxygen and nutrients, these cultures fail to mimic to real tissue. And the study of cells from different parts of these gels without destroying the 3D culture is tricky.

‘These results demonstrate a new way of develop in the leukemias – and gives scientists new opportunities to develop drugs that are blocking.’.

The researchers found out that the enzyme is made by the JAK2 gene – within the cell nucleus within the nucleus and plays an important role for controlling how genetic information of the cell is used. So far was only known on the interior surface on the inner surface to the of as an intermediary between the exterior of the cells and the nucleus.

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