Technical Info

Technical Information:

We are an international company operating in the USA and Europe. We are connected to 4 major international providers: Global crossing, Level3, Sprintlink and Telia. The connection is  2Gps + 2x622Mbs, it’s fully redundant and multihomed. Please note that we are using only providers  with good  peering contracts and we do not use Cogent crap lines (nor as a backup). Our servers currently handle tens of millions accesses daily without any problem. If your business will be growing up, we will satisfy all your needs.

All our servers runs on Linux with the latest version of Apache web server. We use Intel technology and SCSI based servers plus Cisco technology, there is simply no better and more stable combination. We are in neutral facility represented by the latest technologies with  high standard security services like air-condition, security guard, backup energy source, diesel generator, antifire alarm protection and more.

Operating system: Linux (Red Hat or Slackware, depends on server location)

Primary NS: (ip:

Secondary NS: (ip:

FTP access:

POP3 / SMTP mail server:

cPanel path:

absolute path for cPanel users: /home/your user name/public_html/
for example, username for cPanel is blindserver => /home/blindserver/public_html/

absolute path for XPanel users: /domains/domain-com/domain/
for example, domain is => /domains/blindserver-com/blindserver/

Kernel version: 2.4.21-47.ELsmp

Apache version: 1.3.34 (Unix)

Perl version: 5.8.0

Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl

Path to sendmail: /usr/bin/sendmail

PHP version: 4.4.1

MySQL version: 4.0.27 standard

phpMyAdmin version:

cPanel build: 10.8.2-STABLE 120

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