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Before starting Meridia, patients should have their blood pressure and heartrate checked by their doctor. People should not take Meridia if they have severe kidney or liver disease, are planning or pregnant to have a baby or if they are nursing. Patients should tell their doctor if indeed they possess or ever have had glaucoma, liver or kidney problems, seizures, bleeding problems, gallstones or depression, are pregnant or likely to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Using Meridia with certain various other medicines may have an effect on how Meridia or the other medicines work.Ch.B., Ph.D., MPH, FRCP, FRCPC, FACG, who, along with colleagues at McMaster University and University of Leeds executed the extensive meta-analysis. Dr. Moayyedi also serves as Co-Editor of AJG. The assessment of all the trials in both UC and CD using the same criteria by one group of researchers gives a unique summary of the strength and quality of the data. While many review content, including systematic reviews, have been released on therapy for IBD, the ACG Job Drive represents the most rigorous attempt to day to synthesize all the available evidence in an unbiased fashion. I really believe it will prove a great instruction for clinicians and investigators, commented Nicholas J.

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