Voices for Healthy Kids.

Since its launch in 2013, Voices for Healthy Children has funded attempts to: open more food markets in low-income communities, unlock schoolyard gates so households could have a secure place to play, ensure sugary drinks were no offered in childcare centers longer, and secure financing for bike and sidewalks paths in communities that needed them. Voices for Healthy Kids is actually a driving pressure of the national motion for healthier communities. We concentrate on communities striving for healthy kids, says Nancy Dark brown, CEO of the American Heart Association. Many have already been working to help all kids grow up at a healthy weight for more than a decade, but they needed even more support to reach the tipping point.The scheduled program will not use state money. Employees can enroll in a plan that has a $1,500 deductible, a tax-free health savings account and requires employers to contribute $750 per year to the HSA; or an idea which has a $2,500 deductible, covers catastrophic wellness costs and provides discounts on prescription medications. Under both plans, employers must contribute at least 75 percent of the expense of premiums for individuals and 50 percent of premiums for family insurance coverage. Both plans cover preventive treatment and will offer dental and eyesight coverage. To motivate enrollment, the initial 2,000 employees who enroll in the $1,500 deductible plan will receive an extra $500 for their HSA over 2 yrs. Initially, premium rates will end up being calculated for all participating not-for-profit organizations separately.

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