Where it once divides again.

‘Our findings help explain why two-dimensional assays for metastasis-inhibiting drugs do not efficiently predict their results in cells,’ says Lauffenburger, who’s director of MIT. It provides results in less than eight hours rather than the days or even weeks necessary for traditional culture strategies. ‘Ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate antimicrobial therapy as rapidly as possible gets the potential to lessen inappropriate antibiotic prescribing, and help to reduce or slow the development of resistant bacterial strains,’ stated Jacques Schrenzel, M.D., head of the Bacteriological Laboratory, University Hospital Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland.Many low – to middle-income countries have started to see a steady upsurge in alcohol use and have entered the early stages of a tobacco epidemic. A study of alcohol use disorders , nicotine dependence , and feeling and stress disorders in the usa and South Korea provides found that while AUDs are considerably more common among Us citizens than South Koreans, alcohol-dependent Americans are a lot more likely to look for treatment. Results will be released in the April 2012 problem of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Analysis and are available at Early Look at. ‘People in low to middle-income countries are suffering from a whole lot of stress due to fast industrialization and urbanization and are therefore likely to use chemicals more to relieve their stress,’ explained Hae Kook Lee, associate professor at the Catholic University of Korea and corresponding author for the scholarly research.

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