Which addressed the presence of antibodies against the thyroid gland.

‘This study is the first evidence for hypothyroidism of the accepted normal range is connected to the thyroid function tests in a miscarriage in antibody-negative women, this leads us to think that all pregnant women for thyroid function should be investigated, and anomalies ‘treated, said Dr. Stagnaro – Green.. Earlier studies an increased miscarriage among with an with an underactive thyroid and women reported having a positive thyroid antibody test, which addressed the presence of antibodies against the thyroid gland.

A group of 50 patients younger than 65 were the older cohort adjusted for comparison purposes.

Survival rates for both groups were similar. The early survival rate of older patients was 95.7 %, compared to 95.9 % for the younger cohort. The one-year survival rate was 79.7 % for the older group and 91.2 % for the younger and the three-year survival rate was 73.6 for the older group and 74.2 % for the younger.

None of the antibody-negative women in the current study received thyroid hormone treatment.In New evidence in that adipocytes not just dormant storage facilities for calories.

Is researchers report pooches pooches the fatty tissue in the spare tire and the lower abdomen – very far from a sleeping storage facilities surplus calories – active organ which being sending chemical cues to others parts of your body, might thus. Risk of heart attack, cancer and other illnesses Tell discovering 20 new hormones and other substances not previously known to be due to human by human fat cells and fatty fat singles in dozen of hormones and other chemical messengers.

The researchers identified 80 different types proteins manufactured by the fat cells. These include six new proteins and 20 proteins which not been detected in human fat cell. The findings may paving the way for better understanding of the role that hormone-secreting adipocytes in heart disease, diabetes and other diseases play.

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