With a WHO unit.

Interpol, with a WHO unit, targeted alleged networks of counterfeit drugs makers, and suppliers, and suppliers, the Canadian Press reports (26.

Therefore identity ‘ to the dangers of this definition by stating that the terms mentioned could also mark , or trade name of the drug, which means that a drug of good quality, but a similarity with another trademark or trade name of a counterfeit see, means, see ‘ by Sangeeta Shashikant TWN legal advisers, the news service writes. production and sale of counterfeit drugs on the rise in rich and poor countries, especially in Africa, where counterfeit drugs are being commonly available to life-threatening diseases life-threatening diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS, writes Reuters./ Following the AP MSNBC, USAID are the coordination with the State Department and the U.S. Southern Command and ‘his partners, Politico Urban Search and Rescue the Team and the Los Angeles County Search and Rescue team of activates. USAID disaster professionals would also help. ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton said,’The USA is collecting information possible on the earthquake and its effects, and that the U.S. Offered full support of – civil and military – Haiti, ‘the news service writes According to U.S. Authorities have been notify by the quake Tuesday, ‘President Barack Obama said that the United countries were ‘willing to assist ‘Haiti ‘and said the U.S. Pursued ‘the situation attention. According to Agence France-Presse . ‘USAID announced that it is immediately triggering an Katastrophenhilfe team of consisting of up to 72 persons, 6 Web and rescue measures cuspids and up to 48 tons rescue units, ‘writing Politico, Laura Rozen on your blog.

Well UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, he said most to people in Haiti are and of number UN workers there there involved. Banking saying he welcomes initial reports and the the following closely developments, VOA News write . Second VOA News article examines how natural disasters have hit country through the years . The former President Bill Clinton, the UN Special Envoy to Haitian , made a statement which said: My thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people Other UN office and the remainder of the United Nations system are monitoring of conditions and we.

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