With high-speed digital video recordings of courtship.

With high-speed digital video recordings of courtship, they suffer suffered, create harmonic tones by rubbing together secondary wing feathers. These highly specialized feathers shafts, club – like structures have to be extended. Unusual structures, and slightly twisted so that the ends touch each other creating a ringing Tick-Tick-Ting song when rubbed together . As loud as a typical bird vocal song, the wing song is good to hear dozens of meters away. The tick notes are sharp clicks, and the ting is a sustained, violin-like note that about one – third of a second take. It’s a bit like running your finger over a comb, said Prum, who was the supervisor of the project, initially skeptical of the comb idea.

Everon detects heart and respiration rates as well as bed entries and exits, and patient movement. The unit sounds an alarm when a preset parameter threshold is crossed. September 2008splays and records real-time data on a continuous trend line. The trend line display is support for clinicians in predicting the progression to the health thus prevent thus prevent critical events. – We are delighted physicians test Everon system in real life usage scenarios report on their reporting on their results, we expect this trend to continue and deepen grown in scale as patient monitoring systems, the standard of care in hospitals throughout the next.However, the reduction in distance traveled and capacity the afternoon goes drill was significantly lower among those did the protein is and carbohydrates drink, relatively those which that straight carbohydrates carbs ‘.. The testing took cyclist exercise bike, to monitors to that it had attached competing against a virtual opponent. After a morning, vs rested for six hours to drink either said protein comprising sport drink and carb release. The two formulas was having the same energy content of. Following that of its six-hour peace, the athletes who another virtual cycle race.

Others authors of the report be on Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical School, and laboratory in Toulouse, France.

The research was supported by grants from the National Institute of Health and to the National Research Agency France and the European Commission.

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