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With other organisms, New study examines evolutionary explanations for ‘ biological immortality ‘Although aging seems inevitable checked an important new study from the forthcoming issue of the physiological and biochemical Zoology the point of life when your body not simply aging.

smart chairs and a mobile robot or two monitoring patients in the waiting room.

A group of students , engineering students under the supervision of the student Erdem Erdemir has begun designing and building a prototype registration robot assistant for. Their senior design project, your design includes a touch-screen display, a camera, a blood pressure cuff, an electronic scale and a fingertip pulse oximeter, pulse rate and oxygen levels measured in blood.. If the project is successful, look in five years, not in the emergency room a lot different from today, with the exception of of a series of electronic kiosks near the registration, similar to those that most airlines have at their current check – in counters, immediate attention.NIH grantees are now an added incentive its work into open-access journals which entire content contents in PubMed Central is available for in the publication to be published.. Abroad Public Library of Science urges research with a which new NIH on public access political corresponding.

During NIH Public Access Policy could, and PLoS Open believes ought to have been more in more ways than it sets an important precedent for all sponsors scientific research. ‘The U.S. Government has now the rule that be results of publicly funded research be available for free in order to the public supported,’said Michael B.

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